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Live the life that you want.

Live the life that you want, instead of the life that your family, church, or friends want you to.

It’s time to step into the YOU you were born to be.

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My story


Hi! I’m Lauren. I am an Emmy Award winner, playwright, author, and coach. After working on high-profile shows like 30 Rock, The Good Wife, and Saturday Night Live, I left the entertainment business to help driven women from religious households break free of fear and anxiety to live authentically.

I am privileged to help women create the lives they want instead of the lives that were set out for them. I’m midwesterner who was raised in an evangelical household, and I learned first-hand how religious programming could impact our self-esteem, self-worth, and ability to pursue what we really want in life. I let go of the guilt and shame of my programming to step up into a life where I live boldly and authentically in my power – and now I have the honor of helping others to do the same. My insights have been seen in Refinery 29, Thrive Global, and Her Money, and I’m currently writing a book to be published in 2022.

Lauren Kester

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